Narciso Eau de Toilette Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Toilette

Narciso Eau de Toilette Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Toilette

Narciso L’Eau de Toilette, an ultra sensual softness

In 2005, he launched his men’s ready-to-wear line. Her first perfume in 2000, “For Her” is dedicated to a deceased friend, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. It was for her that Narciso Rodriguez had created his first wedding dress. “For Him” will be delayed until 2007. After Eau de Parfum, Narciso Rodriguez unveils in 2015 “Narciso, Eau de toilette”, an ultra sensual feminine fragrance .

The woman according to Narciso Rodriguez

Absolutely all of Narciso Rodriguez’s creations are inspired by the women in his life. Narciso Rodriguez likes to exhale and sublimate the beauty of women. He sees his perfumes as a magnetic asset. Her first perfume “For Her” is considered a real weapon of feminine seduction, almost more important than a beautiful neckline! This fragrance contains animal and very feminine notes. For Narciso Rodriguez, “For Her” expresses all that a woman is, strong, sensual, vulnerable and of course magnificent. “Narciso, Eau de toilette” is a new tribute to women, to their sensuality. “Narciso, Eau de parfum” and “Narciso, Eau de toilette” each embrace different seductive ends. Narciso Rodriguez affirms on this subject “With the Eau de toilette,

The mystery and attraction at the heart of Narciso, Eau de toilette

“ Narciso, Eau de toilette ”is an irresistible blend of sensual woods, Bulgarian rose, and white peony that surround a heart of musk and create an addicting and surprising scent. “Narciso, Eau de toilette” begins with accords of musks offering an ultra voluptuous start. The heart is ultra feminine with the presence of rose and peony. Finally, the base of “Narciso, Eau de toilette” surfs on the fabric of sensuality with white cedar, black cedar and vetiver. The bottle of “Narciso, Eau de toilette” uses the graphic codes of Eau de parfum. The color is however diametrically opposed since the bottle is adorned with intense black. Details of elegance and perfection are found in the outline of the transparent glass bottle.

A mysterious and captivating fragrance… After the Eau de Parfum, Narciso Rodriguez unveils “Narciso, Eau de toilette”. The latter is intended to be delicate and sensual. The heart of the composition is ultra sensual and gives the Eau de Toilette an addictive power. Beautiful and seductive, the fragrance “Narciso, Eau de toilette” leaves an enigmatic but so irresistible trail.

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