Narciso Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfum

Narciso Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfum

The perfumed creation Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez

The latter is immediately recognizable by its bottle and fits more than any other in the world of Narciso Rodriguez. Moreover, this is probably why it soberly bears its name …

The universal power of Narciso

“Narciso is an unusual name which is reminiscent of the Narcissus of mythology. His story was related by Ovid and is that of a child endowed with rare beauty, worthy of being loved by nymphs. Nevertheless, this attractive facade hid an indifferent and contemptuous young man. This is why a goddess urged him one day to quench his thirst at the edge of a pond. In love with his own reflection, Narcissus forgot to eat and drink. It took root at the edge of the pond and gradually turned into a flower. It is precisely this myth that inspired the writing of this romantic perfume in Narciso Rodriguez. What is more, it thus reflects a universal image. His message is powerful and romantic. Beyond the myth in itself, Narciso evokes the seduction and the mysterious power of the attraction. This is a a modern fragrance that seems capable on its own of stopping time, like the reflection of Narcissus. This is why, to this day, Narciso is considered to be one of the most sensual creations there is. This fragrance pays homage to feminine beauty and transforms the woman who wears it into a sensual and absolutely tempting creature.

Floral and woody scents created by Narciso Rodriguez

To write the recipe for his fragrance, Narciso Rodriguez called on perfumer Aurélien Guichard. Together, they have created a particularly avant-garde juice, shaking up the traditional codes of female seduction. Indeed, Narciso dares to play on contrasts and highlights a woody ingredient usually reserved for men’s perfumery: vetiver. This one is worked here in a particularly refined and assertive way. It is associated with white cedar wood from Virginia to gain in luminosity. Nevertheless, this radiance is contrasted by the presence of Atlas black cedar. The whole is then magnified with an enormous bouquet of white flowers, gaining at the same time in delicacy and romanticism. The Bulgarian rose is juxtaposed with the light transparency of the gardenia. Finally, Narciso’s ends with a real burst of sensuality. In particular, musk warms this whole with its amber animality. Narciso is contained in an emblematic cubic-shaped bottle of the Narciso Rodriguez brand. This is displayed in extreme purity while nevertheless emanating from a highly sought-after work. Its beauty is very architectural, almost obvious. Only its name then comes to contrast the beauty of its white lacquered trail.

While Narciso Rodriguez’s couture collections are famous the world over for their sensuality and femininity, the couturier chose to transfigure his unique style into a For Her perfume released in 2003. Perfume tribute to a woman he has so much beloved, For Her will be more mysterious and sensual than ever. Relatively confidential, the fragrances of Narciso Rodriguez will explode in the 2010s and the magnificent Narciso Eau de Parfum composed by the creative perfumer Aurélien Guichard will add a new prestigious bottle to this beautiful story …

Narciso Water de Parfum or Aurélien Guichard’s ode to feminine charms for Narciso Rodriguez

The haute couture label of the designer Narciso Rodriguez is particularly linked to its history of friendship with a famous descendant of the American president, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. It was she who made him known as a stylist thanks to his marriage and it was also for her, in dramatic circumstances, that he had his very first perfume composed as a tribute to this great lady For Her.

With For Her, Narciso Rodriguez’s perfumery found its voice between sensuality, femininity and amber notes so dear to the great stylist. However, it was not until 2014 to finally discover a new creation Narciso Rodriguez for women with Narciso, composed by the inventive Aurélien Guichard.

Narciso Eau de Parfum was created by Aurélien Guichard with the aim of being the ultimate object of seduction. It is the lethal weapon of women who is hidden in floral and delicate notes to better explode in almost masculine woody accords, as if Narciso Eau de Parfum were the shirt stolen from a man and nonchalantly tied with exquisite feminine grace… < / p>

“& nbsp; It’s true that the theme is daring, more used in masculine codes. Few feminine scents use woody notes. Now the vanilla and the flowers (rose and gardenia, editor’s note) feminize it all, even if they are in minor. ” Aurélien Guichard about Narciso Eau de Parfum.

A sensual chypre between delicate roses and feminine vetiver named simply Narciso for more mysteries…

Aurélien Guichard would therefore have composed for Narciso Eau de Perfume a fragrance deliberately playing on the masculine-feminine style. The flowery accords are upset with intense woody notes, the amber woods respond to the fruity notes as if to better surprise, as if to better seduce by surprise? Anyway the audacity of this composition for Narciso is obvious but what could be more charming than a woman who seduces by the mystery and the contrast between strengths and delicacies & nbsp ;?

Indeed Narciso Eau de Parfum offers us first of all fresh notes of bergamot and floral notes of gardenias, Bulgarian roses and orange blossoms. These fresh and feminine opulences are sweetened with a hint of blackcurrant, as if to better deceive the male prey in soft flowery and sweet streaks.

Yet in depth, Narciso Eau de Parfum will explode with woody nerves of vetiver and cedar, notes rare in feminine perfumery. But quickly the sensuality of amber woods, vanilla, patchouli and white musks will coat the Narciso woman with a halo of irresistible sensuality and there, impossible to escape .. .

“I wanted to create a very sexy perfume that would turn a man’s head “. Narciso Rodriguez on Narciso.

Amber Chypre

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