Narciso Powdered Eau de Parfum Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Powdered Eau de Parfum Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Eau De Parfum Powder by Narciso Rodriguez

So, as this seems to have inspired him, he decided to call one of his perfumes so. This one was born in 2014 in the form of an ultramodern and seductive fragrance. It is therefore precisely the latter that has been declined here in the form of a powdery Eau de Parfum.

The flowery, woody and elegant scent of Narciso Eau de Parfum Poudrée

Narciso Eau de Parfum Poudrée is inspired by its predecessor. Nevertheless, he seems to have pushed the sensuality, the power and the sensuality to their paroxysm. Its scents are both warm and tender, delicate and powerful. Thus, Narciso Eau de Parfum Poudrée seems capable of depicting all the complexity of a woman in a single breath. It has many facets and offers a particularly light and airy rendering. Its scent begins with an association of white flowers and more particularly orange blossom and jasmine. Thus, Narciso Eau de Parfum Poudrée is simply radiant, rich and opulent. Then, the queen of flowers enters the scene to sublimate the elegance and romanticism of the whole. The rose lets all her femininity explode here before evolve towards a more sustained and vibrant wake. Gradually, the floral and lemony freshness of this essence is relayed by white musks associated with coumarin as well as amber woods. Narciso Eau de Parfum Poudrée then becomes warmer and ends with a mysterious breath of patchouli. The whole leaves behind a smoky and earthy trail almost reminiscent of an undergrowth.

The sleek design of Narciso Rodriguez

As usual, Narciso Rodriguez has enclosed his perfume in a very geometric bottle with a particularly sleek design. Narciso Eau de Parfum Poudrée reuses the cubic shape of its predecessors. In addition, Narciso Rodriguez confides that this is a form that has always fascinated him. It symbolizes perfection for him and this is how he proudly affixes his name to it. However, don’t get me wrong, behind this apparent simplicity lies in reality an extraordinary know-how. In addition, all the perfumes of Narciso Rodriguez are endowed in interior lacquering which even earned the brand the filing of a patent to protect this technique of working with glass. While it was once tinted with white, Narciso Eau de Parfum Poudrée has now evolved into a flesh color reminiscent of the skin. Thus, Narciso Rodriguez suggests that this is a particularly carnal juice. Its design therefore says a lot about what it contains. Narciso Eau de Parfum Poudrée is a modern, light, refined and very sensual essence.

Narciso Rodriguez’s first fragrance ” For Her “, released in 2003, is a true tribute to her friend Carolyn Kennedy, who died with her husband in a tragic way. It was thanks to the dress he had created for Carolyn’s wedding, that the American-Cuban fashion designer stood out. Faced with the success of its fragrance, Narciso Rodriguez continues its momentum, notably with “Narciso Poudrée” which was launched in 2016. It is intended to be more powdery , as its name suggests, but also more sensual, more velvety. Feminine and ultra contemporary “Narciso Poudrée” is based on the beauty of musks.

The musk worked by Aurélien Guichard

In order to create this fragrance “Woody-floral-musky”, Narciso Rodriguez called on the perfumer Aurélien Guichard. In the Guichard family, talent is passed on from generation to generation since Aurélien is the 7th generation of perfumers. Aurélien Guichard enjoys creating elaborate and original juices. About “Narciso Poudrée”, Aurélien Guichard affirms “Musk, vetiver, woods … By discovering the main ingredients, one has the impression of being in a man’s perfume”. For him, “Narciso Poudrée” is “a little floral, a little amber, a little woody with the vibrant side of cedar and the warmth of vetiver. The wording is simple, but the smell is very faceted. ” The bottle similar to that of its predecessor this time sports a nude shade. This evokes both the softness of fair skin, and the rice powder of our grandmothers with its ultra powdery tone whose scent remains in the bathroom, long after…

The extreme seduction of the notes of Narciso Poudrée

Narciso Rodriguez therefore wanted a velvety, sensual and powerful fragrance. “Narciso Poudrée” will take off on the ultra-feminine Bulgarian rose, echoing her first fragrance “For Her”. The heart of “Narciso Poudrée” is not only sensual, but powerful, opulent and devastating. Indeed, it combines sambac jasmine, the luminosity of orange blossom with musks. The trail is enveloping with amber woods, cedar, but also warm and woody with the presence of vetiver, patchouli and coumarin. The trail leaves a deliciously sensual tone.

After the success of his first perfume “For Her “, Narciso Rodriguez continues its momentum. After several revisits, he presents “Narciso Poudrée” in 2016. Of course, the fragrance is more powdery than the original, but also more powerful, more velvety and above all more feminine. Built around musk, “Narciso Poudrée” is a composition unlike any other.

Woody Powdery

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