Olympea Legend Paco Rabanne Eau de Parfum

Olympea Legend Paco Rabanne Eau de Parfum

The legend of Olympéa perfumes continues …

In fact, Paco Rabanne does not content himself with designing simple perfumes. He tells us a story through each of his works and plunges us into a universe in its own right. With Olympéa, the atmosphere is timeless . This juice seems to come straight from ancient Greece, while preserving a disconcerting modernity. It is like an elixir that fell straight from the mountain of the gods to flood the human world with all its flavor. This time, Olympéa is opening up a new chapter in its history to us and becomes Olympéa Legend.

Olympéa Legend, the fragrance of a powerful and determined woman

Olympéa Legend is an original fragrance that tells us the story of a new heroine. It is intended for all those who are not cold-eyed, and who do not hesitate to break all the certainties in their path and to shatter the banality. At the frontiers of time, Olympéa Legend is a fascinating fragrance with a taste of adventure. Wild and epic, it reveals the conquering woman who lies dormant in you. Olympéa Legend is a sweet elixir, designed to celebrate victory. Irreverent and sensual, it leaves no one indifferent, and already promises to make you succumb to temptation!

Olympéa Legend, a sweet nectar in an antique bottle

Olympéa Legend is described as “ a desert flower on hot sand. An addiction of salty-vanilla plum. A duel in the stunning sun that loves the skin. Infinitely ”. On a purely olfactory level, this is reflected first of all by the presence of palm blossom, an unusual and infinitely luxuriant ingredient. Its freshness is here associated with an immediate solar impression. The plum, for its part, gives a more velvety and syrupy side to this essence. Note, however, that it is here worked in a salty way, an unexpected touch that gives more depth to this fragrance. The heart of Olympéa Legend is also full of vanilla, an ingredient widely used in women’s perfumery, and renowned for its sensuality. Suave and languid, the vanilla here gives off a sweet and smoky sweetness, somewhat spicy. Finally,

Olympéa Legend is presented to us in a bottle with an already world famous silhouette. Indeed, it takes the visual of its predecessors and brilliantly mixes ancient codes with a very contemporary aesthetic. The Olympéa Legend bottle forms a perfect circle and takes on a divine allure. It rests on a coppery metal crown, worked in gadroons. This shape is far from having been chosen at random and in itself evokes the laurels of victory, echoing all the power of the goddess Olympea. The style of this bottle is very Art Deco. The only real difference with its predecessors: the glass of Olympéa Legend darkens and becomes more amber than before.

Paco Rabanne signs a legendary composition for his Olympéa fragrance

Paco Rabanne made the choice to offer us the universe of the gods of ancient Greece in 2013 with Invictus, the invincible athlete, then to accompany him with his sweetheart in 2015 the irresistible goddess Olympea who bewitches all the gods on its passage.

The goddess will open to us the doors of her paradise of salty and sensual vanilla by making us discover new ways to perfume it every year; in 2019, she will even dare the burning exoticism with Olympéa Legend.

Olympea Legend, when vanilla turns fruity and syrupy, a new sensuality is born

< p> Olympéa Legend offers us a new vision of vanilla sensuality originally created in 2015 by Anne Flipo, Loc Dong and Dominique Ropion.

Indeed, the different bottles composed around Olympéa Eau de Parfum have each in turn diffused the accord of salted vanilla, the backbone of the original creation, sometimes powerful accords of solar and animal notes for Olympea Intense, sometimes an aquatic freshness for Olympéa Aqua or even a surge of flowery ambergris in Olympéa Aqua 2018.

With Olympéa Legend, the journey will take place in 2019 in a vanilla exotic at will between floral and solar notes, a new accord of syrupy plum and unprecedented depths of tonka bean. As we will have understood, the new Olympéa creation of 2019 will once again play on the contrast to seduce us with great olfactory originalities but always just as sensual.

The signature vanilla accord of Olympéa Legend takes its strength in exotic and summery notes

For this Olympea Legend, the famous very heroic bottle from ancient Greece designed by the artist Marc Aurèle (this cannot be invented!) is kept identically , however it is marked by the powerful orange reflections of the juice it encloses, as if this Olympéa Legend were the fruit of the gods or a fruit which would become liquor by a sublime aging, or a divine intervention?

Olympéa Legend will also be marked by a large number of olfactory changes in relation to the original bottle and the different variations. Because, even though the power of its chords could bring us closer to Olympéa Intense released in 2017, Olympéa Legend preferred to play with a floral-fruity accord rather than solar flowers (orange blossom and tiare) as was the case. case in the 2017 bottle.

Olympéa Legend will begin its precious journey with rare and precious notes of palm blossoms which, without a doubt, evoke the sun and the heat while being very feminine. Then in the heart, the vanilla is of course always so creamy, however, combined with a note of candied plum, it takes on a syrupy density and some spicy strengths. Finally, the tonka bean almond note brings a powdery roundness to the whole while of course also reminding us of this famous coumarin which once again brings the salt to the vanilla emblematic of Olympéa. The irresistible sensual depths of Olympéa Legend plunges us into an exotic journey that will hardly stop…

Without a doubt, the exotic sensuality of this new Olympéa Legend opus will not leave anyone indifferent!


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