Prada Amber Prada Eau de Parfum

Prada Amber Prada Eau de Parfum

The amber with absolute femininity of Prada’s very first perfume: Amber

Amber de Prada, also known as Prada de Prada, the very first perfume released in 2004, therefore in no way detracts from Prada know-how between traditions and brilliant innovations. Amber is simply a “new way to wear Prada” …

The amber with absolute femininity of Prada’s very first perfume: Amber

The Prada house, created in 1906 by Mario Prada and managed since 1977 by Miuccia Prada his granddaughter, is very symbolic of luxury and Italian charm between ancient know-how and scorching modernity. By offering its very first perfume in 2004 only, the house is already setting itself apart from its counterparts in haute couture, most of which have been launched since the 1990s in perfumery. And the least that can be said is that Amber, too, will know how to stand out by offering her ultra feminine and distinguished scents!

Amber from Prada cannot go unnoticed. Whether through a neat and original communication campaign or through the perfume itself, the very first Prada bottle exudes and exalts the beautiful house.

Amber will be offered to the public no more and no less than a short film directed by Jordan and Ridley Scott, which will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in 2005, a rare thing in terms of base, an advertising film for a perfume. Moreover, the film is an ode to femininity: a classic femininity through the text read (according to the brand a Gnostic poem dating from the year 100 AD) but also a modern and urban woman who contemplates actual world. In short, a timeless femininity is perfumed with Amber de Prada, a timeless one too, because “the fragrance from Prada is the ultimate expression of a woman’s personality. “

Amber de Prada: between floral femininity and oriental and modern sensualities

Amber’s rectangular and sober bottle reminds us of the classic elegance of Prada creations while surprising us with an original off-center cap like a nod to the famous Miuccia. As for the “pear” added later to Amber, it is inevitably an additional retro appeal adding to the racy elegance of this beautiful bottle.

Amber de Prada, created by Carlos Benaim, Max Gavarry and Clement Gavarry, opens with sparkling and luminous notes of mandarin orange, Seville orange and bergamot. Mimosa absolute brings its flowery sweetness to this citrus cocktail. At the heart are the beauties of rose and patchouli absolutes that intoxicate us with their flowery and sensual opulence while pricking ourselves with a few pink berries. The animal depths of labdanum mixed with carnal woods built on a tonka bean and Indian sandalwood create addiction. Vanilla brings its sweetness to this warm and charming amber bl end.

“The first Prada perfume highlights the tradition of perfumery by revisiting this craft with an innovative approach to mixing aromas. It embodies classic femininity and modern sensibility. Prada for Amber.

Released in 2006, “ Amber Pour Homme ”is the first masculine fragrance from the Prada brand and symbolizes the gentleman of the Prada house. “Amber Pour Homme” follows the huge success of “Amber Femme”. A priori classic, “Amber Pour Homme” surprises with its unexpected scents. The fragrance plays on the contrasts between amber and refreshing notes. A true creative genius, Miuccia Prada, the founder’s granddaughter, is a revolutionary in the field. She decided to bring to Prada, not only a wind of modernity, but also freshness and insolence. “Amber Pour Homme” is an ultra masculine fragrance that has kept a classic side.

Danièla Andrier at the head of Amber pour Homme

For its first perfume, the Prada brand chose Danièla Andrier as perfumer. Born in Heidelberg in Germany, Danièla Andrier intended to study literature at the Sorbonne. According to her, “Perfume is not a luxury, it gives poetry, depth to the past by olfactively and emotionally supporting our memory” … She first worked at Roure then became the assistant of Édouard Fléchier ( perfumer at Givaudan). Danièla Andrier is very admiring of Miuccia Prada, she says of her that she is “a very free, courageous woman, who seeks, finds, takes risks, does not count, makes people dream and embodies luxury… If there is has a brand for me that represents luxury, it’s his ”. We owe Danièla Andrier beautiful fragrances such as “Candy Kiss” by Prada, “Le Monde est Beau” by Kenzo and “Double Dare” by Guess.

Amber Homme, an elegant oriental fern

Danièla Andrier wished here to create a fragrance in the image of Miuccia Prada, visionary and elegant. “Amber Pour Homme” takes on the invigorating freshness of bergamot and tangerine. These combine with the luminosity of neroli, but also with cardamom which enhances the top notes. The heart is faithful to a classic fern accord, but nevertheless elegant and combines geranium, vetiver, myrrh, but also orange blossom which then releases oriental and luminous tones. The ensemble is thus modernized with a musk and amber accord and also contains cistus labdanum and patchouli. You should know that orange blossom is Danièla Andrier’s favorite ingredient, she loves to use it and exploit all its facets. For her, orange blossom has facets that are both precise and multiple, being in turn clear, luminous, sensual, concentrated, oriental or even solar. On this subject, she says moreover “I think I would never be done with orange blossom”.

“Amber pour Homme” is a fragrance that proves the modernity and ingenuity of the Prada house. The fragrance, signed Danièle Andrier, aims to be visionary, like Miuccia Prada, the granddaughter of the brand founder.

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