Prada Luna Rossa Extrême Eau de Parfum

Prada Luna Rossa Extrême Eau de Parfum

Luna Rossa Extreme: The scent of raging sea skippers

The same year, in 2012 , Prada decided to offer a new variation to Luna Rossa by offering an aromatic still so fresh mixed with the heat of the Orient: Luna Rossa Extreme. High-risk adventure scent, travel scent, Luna Rossa Extrême is tailor-made to take to the open sea …

The ultimate sailing challenge in the heart of Luna Rossa Extrême

The world of athletes is increasingly present in men’s perfumery. If the so-called sports perfumes demonstrated their beautiful virile and fresh quality thanks to men in action, the Prada perfume house went further with Luna Rossa by showing us the exploits of real sportsmen on a daily basis. What is more, in the maritime environment, a universe still little explored at the time by perfumery.

Luna Rossa had already made gentlemen dream of great adventures in the open sea with the skippers of Luna Rossa, Luna Rossa Extreme reveals their daily life enamelled with natural as well as psychological obstacles leading them to overcome challenges as multiple as they are intense.

This “extreme” scent of adventure is therefore legitimately presented through a communication campaign totally focused on the crew of the Prada boat. The images of both the video campaign and the visual of Luna Rossa Extreme are chic, all in black and white, while delivering raw and unvarnished moments of life. Luna Rossa Extreme’s man doesn’t cheat, he challenges the elements with courage and panache.

“The latest Prada Luna Rossa Extreme fragrance embodies the spirit of the Luna Rossa sailing team. The sailors who make up this team face intense physical, mental and technical difficulties. They share an unparalleled passion for innovation. They are looking for nothing but victory. Prada for Luna Rossa Extreme.

Luna Rossa Extreme likes to dive in the Mediterranean as in the East

The bottle of Luna Rossa Extreme naturally retains the innovative and elegant design drawn by Yves Behar for his handsome predecessor, Luna Rossa. However, this “extreme” perfume loses its steel colors for black tints which will adorn the smooth glass like the upper meshed part of the bottle.

The scented composition of this Luna Rossa Extreme was developed by Daniela (Roche ) Andrier just like for Luna Rossa. However, the peculiarity of this bottle lies in its very balanced blend between freshness, heat and sensuality. A complementary balance of forces composed as a tribute to the strong and essential team spirit which intensely binds the men of the crew of a racing boat.

Thus Luna Rossa Extreme opens with powerful and aromatic notes of lavender accompanied by very tonic bergamots. Black pepper spices things up with its raw strength. Then the fresh and fragrant guinevere berry combines with a wild labdanum to form a contrasting but powerful heart for this handsome athlete. Finally, the sensual depths of amber mixed with the gluttony of vanilla form a warm trail for a powerful man who also likes to seduce.

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