Repetto Eau de Parfum Repetto Eau de Parfum

Repetto Eau de Parfum Repetto Eau de Parfum

The feminine Eau de Parfum from the dance house

The new formula of Repetto is none other than an Eau de Parfum. As always, this one takes us into the world of dance. Repetto has chosen for the occasion to make a real elixir of amber, at the same time sensual, seductive and carnal.

The magical world of the Repetto house

Pushing the door of the Repetto brand is like immersing yourself in a timeless, poetic and wildly feminine universe. The Repetto workshops seem to be a place outside our time, suspended in the footsteps of the greatest star dancers on the planet. Indeed, since its creation in 1947, the Repetto house has forged a colossal notoriety, establishing itself as an international reference in classical dance. The very name of Repetto is enough to arouse the imagination of all little girls, projecting them into a world close to that of Cinderella. Repetto seems to possess an innate grace and elegance. However, if the ballerina remains its flagship product, it decided a few years ago to move towards a new universe. Repetto thus offered a new act to his ballet, extending its activity to the world of perfumery. Of course, Repetto creations are still deeply rooted in the world of dance. The Repetto Eau de Parfum is no exception to the rule and almost seems to be sewn of powder pink tulle, satin and silk. His signature is nevertheless more assertive than before. The Repetto Eau de Parfum seems to be the ideal fragrance to guide the creative instinct of the most beautiful star in opera.

The new sensuality of Repetto Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum Repetto is a fragrance that could not be more feminine. Its flavor is now more intense and amber than that of its predecessor. The whole takes the form of a floral, oriental and woody fragrance, also possessing some hints of indulgence. In this case, its flavor opens with an association of cherry blossom and plum. Thus, the delicacy is deliciously sweet without falling into the overbidding of sweets. His heart, meanwhile, continues in the floral way. It is particularly carnal, associating the femininity of rose petals with the luminosity of orange blossom. Finally, the patchouli comes to structure the whole and bring it more elegance. Amber then gives the Repetto Eau de Parfum an air of elixir. Everything is contained in the iconic bottle of the House of Repetto. All round, this one is an ode to movement. Its pink silhouette is embellished with a silky ribbon, an inseparable link between ballerina and perfumery.

Released in 2014, “ Eau de Parfum Repetto ”is the first fragrance from the Repetto brand. “Eau de Parfum Repetto” is a daring and delicate fragrance, the fragrance of a ballet dancer. Indeed, the Repetto brand stands out, because it originates in the production of dance shoes, slippers made by Rose Repetto for her dancer and choreographer son, Roland Petit. The world of dance, the brand favorite domain, is therefore constantly present here, since even the muse Dorothée Gilbert is a principal dancer. “L’Eau de Parfum Repetto” takes us into a whirlwind of happiness, a whirlwind of emotions.

Olivier Polge creates the first fragrance, Eau de Parfum Repetto < / h2>

If the name of Olivier Polge is known, it is because he is now the official perfumer of the house of Chanel, after having succeeded his father, Jacques Polge. While Olivier Polge trained in art history, he began his career as a perfumer working at Charabot, in Grasse. In 1998, he joined the prestigious company IFF (International Flavors & amp; Fragrances), but Olivier Polge was not propelled onto the front of the stage until after the production of “Dior Homme” in 2005. Then, in 2009, Olivier Polge was winner of the International Perfume Prize. We owe Olivier Polge great olfactory successes such as “Spicebomb” by Viktor & amp; Rolf, “La Vie est Belle” by Lancôme or even “N ° 5 L’Eau” by Chanel.

Eau de Parfum Repetto, a delicate flower-fruity combination

“L ‘Eau de Parfum Repetto’ begins with a very sweet note of plum, mixed with the sweetness of cherry blossom. The origin of the plum tree is uncertain, but it is believed that the plum is a hybrid between a species of European plum and one of Asian origin. It is known that the Egyptians liked to cultivate plum trees, as well as the Romans who had discovered several varieties of plums. During the Renaissance, the plum was one of the most popular fruits, and it was eaten in pies, custards and jams. In perfumery, the scent of plums is synthetically reproduced in the laboratory. It gives off sweet, floral, velvety and syrupy tones. Then, the heart of “L’Eau de Parfum Repetto” is ultra feminine, as it is made up of rose and orange blossom. Then, the base of “L’Eau de Parfum Repetto” is loaded with vanilla, white musks and amber woods. Originally from Mexico, the vanilla bean was used by the Aztecs to flavor the cocoa drink. Vanilla was introduced to France in 1812, thanks to a gardener named Milier. In 1819, vanilla was introduced to Reunion Island, which gave rise to the famous Bourbon vanilla. In fact, vanilla from Reunion Island will be grouped together with that from Comoros and Madagascar under the world label “Vanille Bourbon” from 1964. In perfumery, vanilla offers floral, sweet and balsamic tones. Because it symbolizes the elegance of dancers and the finesse of movement, the bottle here pushes femininity to its peak.

Floral Fruity

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