The One Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Parfum

The One Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Parfum

The One, there all is gold, luxury and pleasure

From the start, Dolce & amp; Gabbana indicated that their references were “Armani for discipline, Alaïa for madness, Chanel for its concept of couture and Jean-Paul Gaultier for creativity”. The first perfume of the brand “Dolce & amp; Gabbana for women” saw the light of day in 1992. “The One” composition for women launched in 2006, marks a real turning point in the range of Dolce & amp; Gabbana perfumes.

The iconic and unforgettable fragrance of “The One”

Floral-oriental, the fragrance “The One” is heady, modern but nonetheless sensual. Sweet but demanding, the woman “The One” is determined. “The One” begins with bright and vibrant notes thanks to the presence of lychee, peach, tangerine and bergamot zest. The heart then evolves towards a very flowery bouquet composed of lilies, lily of the valley and jasmine. The sweetness of the plum is added here to the flowers. Then, the base takes on woody notes with vetiver, and sensuality with amber and vanilla. For designers Domenico Dolce & amp; Stefano Gabbana, each woman must be unique, “The One” …

The gold bottle of “The One”

Powerful and luxurious, the composition of “The One” had to have a bottle at its height. This is why the bottle is in gold with a clean and contemporary design. It is represented by a heavy block of glass surmounted by a massive golden stopper. The bottle “The One” is the perfect diagram of a sumptuous style combined with classic forms. “The One” decked out in gold was made to be seen, celebrated and worshiped. For Dolce & amp; Gabbana each perfume has its muse. Scarlett Johansson, American actress, was commissioned to represent the composition “The One”. With Matthew MacCanaughey, who is his male counterpart for “The One Male”, they travel together through New York with an Italian touch. “The One” pays homage to luxury perfumery. In the world of “The One”, all is gold, luxury and pleasure.

Like the style of Dolce & amp; Gabbana, the brand fragrances are a crossbreeding of various Mediterranean sources, as well as a reflection of the creative inspiration of the two founders. The first perfume “Dolce & amp; Gabbana for women” is still one of the house’s best sellers. “The One” appears as a daring composition that features high-quality ingredients such as lily, jasmine or even amber. A hymn to luxury and feminine sensuality. “The One” is a Floriental eau de parfum that combines contemporary fruity ingredients with the delicacy of white flowers… Just for her.

The Dolce & amp; Gabbana label, founded by the two Italians Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, has been offering us sensual and elegant haute couture collections since the 1980s in the image of Italian women, both modern and deliciously sophisticated. The same goes for its perfumes which extol in every way the Italy dreamed of by the two men, The One will be no exception and will take us in a contrasting and astonishing whirlwind where each woman becomes unique.

One by Dolce and Gabbana or the perfume of a unique woman signed Christine Nagel

The two founders of the Italian brand Dolce & amp; Gabbana have always praised us for this seductive and charming, sparkling and joyful, elegant and modern Italian woman who never ceases to inspire them both for their haute couture models and for their multiple fragrances.

The One, released in 2006, would be like the culmination of this love for women, the perfume where all can write their stories according to their desires. Who better than the talented and so creative Christine Nagel could “write” this perfumed tribute to the many perfumed faces? Still in its early days in 2006, The One allowed to discover the incredible technique and the treasures of inventiveness of the German perfumer who ended up winning the incredible challenge given by the Italians to perfumers to compose The One.

“The One from Dolce & amp; Gabbana, another challenge because people kept telling me that my perfumery was too signed to succeed in winning a competition with Procter and Gamble. The note had a lot of character and we managed to win the competition with my project in which my reviewer at the time believed a lot. “Says Christine Nagel to the blog My Recreation for the creation of The One.

This woman The One was therefore one of the very first great successes of Christine Nagel, who from then on signed for many perfumes, until becoming in 2016 the official nose of the Hermès house which replaces the great Jean-Claude Ellena.

Sometimes fruity and sparkling, sometimes flowery and sensual, The One never ceases to amaze us

All the beauty of Dolce & amp; Gabbana The One’s perfume lies in two magic formulas. First of all the exceptional quality of the olfactory raw materials chosen by Catherine Nagel, then in its composition which plays with contrasts and lights without losing balance. The One is the scent of all women but yet it is uniquely drawn on each of them.

The One opens with a cocktail of fresh and juicy fruits composed around bergamot, tangerine, lychee and peach. Then in the heart, the white lily becomes voluptuous and enveloping to powder the fruits of the buds with its singular and elegant flowery sweetness. Finally, the vanilla and amber notes, together with the flower of the heart, form a sensual and luxurious musky ensemble. < / p>

“The One is a ‘floriental’ eau de parfum that combines contemporary fruity ingredients with the perfumer’s classic palette of white flowers. “Dolce & amp; Gabbana for The One.

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