The One Gray Eau de Toilette Dolce & Gabbana

The One Gray Eau de Toilette Dolce & Gabbana

The One Gray perfume for men by Dolce & Gabbana

With The One For Men in 2008, Dolce & amp; Gabbana will prove to us, if need be, that it knows just as well how to talk about charm to men as it did to ladies in 2006 with The One. & Nbsp; & nbsp;
The One men’s fragrances will all offer intense contrasts between freshness and deep strength, The One Gray released in 2018 will obviously follow this line of conduct so masculine and so intense …

The One For Men and The One Gray, a sensual saga for men by Dolce & amp; Gabbana

After offering the gentlemen Dolce & amp; Gabbana pour Homme in 1994 or even Light Blue pour Homme, the house of Dolce & amp; Gabbana wanted to compose an intense, unique fragrance for them which sums up in intense olfactory notes all the spirit of the Dolce & amp; Gabbana men’s collections. This perfume will be called The One For Men and its very astonishing amber composition new freshness will not leave any man frozen.

“We dedicate The One For Men to the Dolce & amp; Gabbana man: modern, sensual, cosmopolitan, who takes care of himself and his body. A man endowed with an innate charisma, sure of himself and who is not afraid to express his personality through the perfume he wears. “

The One For Men and its brilliant variations will no longer hesitate to play the sorcerers with charming ambassadors such as Kit Harrington, one of the famous heroes of Games of Thrones, who will go to the streets of Naples to play with his smile and his his good humor.
Thus The One Gray, released in 2018, will in no way lose the charisma and presence of its scented predecessors. It would even seem that the ambassador plays for The One Gray with a black and white visual that is very aesthetic but also very sensual.

The One Gray or the volutes of ambergris for a resolutely mysterious fragrance

The One For Men was composed by Olivier Polge in three parts that are both very distinct and very complementary: a fresh and tangy accord, a spicy and warm heart and intense amber woody depths. For The One Gray, this triptych has of course been preserved, on the other hand it is ambergris which will become the star of the fragrance for this new bottle.

The One Gray therefore starts with tangy and nervous notes of grapefruit tinged with burning notes of cardamom. At the heart, the beautiful Provence lavender always plays with its aromatic strength to blend with dynamic vetiver notes. Then ambergris comes to smoke this woody and fresh heart of animal scrolls sometimes thick and dark, sometimes luminous and airy to better come to curl up in the original amber wood accord of The One For Men.

The One Gray by Dolce & amp; Gabbana, for a woody and aromatic masculinity

Dolce & amp; Gabbana’s The One Gray follows, just 10 years after its creation, the very first The One For Men. It is dedicated to modern and sensual masculinity. Endowed with an innate charisma, this new juice expresses a whole new facet of the male personality. With it, all eyes are on the man who wears it. The One Gray is a refined fragrance, possessing a unique charm and eternal elegance. Presented in a gray-colored bottle with an imposing stature, it reveals itself in a woody and aromatic breath.

The rich and complex recipe of The One Gray

The One Gray by Dolce & amp; Gabbana displays a complete and very elaborate recipe. This mysterious juice relies on sensuality and contrasts to sharpen attention. It begins with a fresh combination of grapefruit and cardamom. However, these hot and lively ingredients are tickled by more aromatic flavors of coriander and basil. From then on, The One Gray reveals a more Mediterranean character to us. Moreover, this continues in its heart thanks to the appearance of one of the most emblematic plants of men’s perfumery: lavender. The latter evokes the smell of barber shops of yesteryear. Here it is enriched with geraniums for a more floral and slightly peppery finish. Sage, on the other hand, further accentuates this aromatic facet. The One Gray by Dolce & amp; Gabbana rests on a darker, woody background. This essence ends with a trio of cistus, vetiver and patchouli. Tobacco, meanwhile, floats a more bewitching and intriguing air over the whole. So, will you be able to unravel the mystery of The One Gray man?

The other variations of the perfume The One by Dolce & amp; Gabbana

You will understand, The One Gray is far from being the only reinterpretation of the male version of The One. The very first essence in the range was an oriental woody note that was both modern and very sensual. Then, in 2010, he became The One Gentleman, metamorphosing into a more spicy and very sophisticated juice. This cocktail of rare essences was intended more for connoisseurs of male perfumery. It was then followed by The One For Men Sport, in 2012, in a fresher and livelier concentration. Finally, the latest, The One for Men Royal Night took us to the territory of the Middle East, proving to be more sophisticated and leathery. So, which essence of the range best matches your personality? Would you rather choose to highlight your sporty side? Would you prefer to use your perfume as a weapon of mass seduction? Or will you opt for the aromatic richness of the latest The One Gray?


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