Thierry Mugler Alien Essence Absolue Eau de Parfum

Thierry Mugler Alien Essence Absolue Eau de Parfum

Alien Essence Absolue the epitome of divinity

With Alien Essence Absolue Dominique Ropion, the nose of this sublime collection has transformed the precious stone close to the talisman into a sensual and gourmet wave that melts on the skin in an intense vanilla delight. A golden topaz has transformed into a divine scent, Alien Essence Absolue!

A scented golden drop called Alien Essence Absolue

Alien is the second great scented bestseller of the Thierry Mugler house after the magnificent Angel who created the event. The composer of the fragrance, the talented Dominique Ropion, has been able to revisit this perfumed alien to pay tribute to its finest notes, whether with a more aerial version with Alien Eau de Toilette or this time with an intense version for Alien Essence Absolue. .

Indeed the new composition Alien Essence Absolue persists and signs in the field of the sacred and the divinity by offering us a perfume which sublimates the sensual notes by transforming them into gold. Dominique Ropion, its creator, explains that “I started with the idea of ​​a sacred nectar made to envelop women with a particular aura. (…) This perfume is like a talisman or a rite which allows one to come into contact with something sacred, almost divine ”.

Thus, of course, the bewitching Alien Essence Absolue will present itself on its visual in a luminous case shining with pure gold. Or even through the image of the same solar and mysterious goddess who already embodied her elder brother, Alien Eau de Toilette.

Alien Essence Absolue, the tenderness of vanilla merges into an addictive sensuality

For once, Alien Essence Absolue is not presented in the faceted bottle of its beautiful predecessors but in a much more opulent glass which, although it has retained its golden signature, is intended as the curves. a magic flask or a woman … Anyway the divine golden color of its juice fascinates and challenges.

Alien Essence Absolue retains in top notes the aromatic freshness of its traditional touch of star anise, however it will blend brilliantly with a luminous and opulent orange blossom. At the heart, the sambac and grandiflorum jasmines continue to offer us their delicate and intoxicating scents while preparing us to welcome the extreme beauty of the depths of this divine fragrance. Indeed, cashmeran wood brings its amber woody sweetness to a gourmet and playful vanilla which likes to sow confusion with animal sensualities of ambergris. The myrrh will know how to envelop these beautiful depths in its mysterious, almost sacred volutes.

“With Alien Essence Absolue, the Solar Goddess reveals the quintessence of Alien, a precious intense and mystical concentrate with floral and vanilla notes. »Thierry Mugler for Alien Essence Absolue.

After having upset the perfumery of the 90s with Angel composed by Olivier Cresp, it was for the house Thierry Mugler to renew itself by offering a fragrance as original and innovative as the very first gourmet perfume in history. Composed by Dominique Ropion, Alien will be released in 2005 and will offer everyone the magical universe of Thierry Mugler rare scents and a unique trail between woody notes, amber notes and precious jasmine. In 2012 Alien Essence Absolue will complete the Alien range, making it more sweet and sensual than ever …

Alien Essence Absolue or the amber elixir by Dominique Ropion for Thierry Mugler

Alien would be a bit of a snub from Thierry Mugler to all those who still believed that Angel would remain the only bestseller of the young perfume brand! Because to compose Angel, Thierry Mugler had precise ideas and a perfumer so talented that it was impossible not to repeat the feat.

Thus Dominique Ropion will compose for Alien an elixir of light with solar femininity , radiant between a precious jasmine flower and an animal and bewitching cashmeran note. From its first year Alien seduced by its original and unprecedented influence which will develop in different variations and faces; sometimes fresh and light with Alien Eau de Toilette, sometimes sensual and amber with the magnificent Alien Essence Absolue.

Alien Essence Absolue wants to be the warm and sensual face of the goddess Alien, an amber and vanilla portrait that bewitches and charms everything in its path to take us to oriental doors where the sun is king and the flower magnified.

“& nbsp; If Alien were a Gewurztraminer, Alien Essence Absolue would be a Late Harvest Gewurztraminer. Dominique Ropion revisits his work with immense generosity, and cooks his recipe with love. “1 Le Critique de about Alien Essence Absolue.

When vanilla and amber mix font velours, the goddess of Alien Essence Absolue intoxicates us with happiness

In order to compose Alien Essence Absolue, Dominique Ropion sought to magnify the notes of jasmine by making Alien more languid and sensual than ever thanks to the ‘addition of some addictive sweet treats of vanilla or licorice but above all thanks to the amplitude that the amber woods have taken in this Alien Essence Absolue which now leans towards the oriental-woody fragrance much more than at the origin.

Alien Essence Absolu therefore retains the fresh head notes of its beautiful elder from 2012 but comes wrapped in a few notes of anise both aromatic and sweet. At the heart, Sambac jasmine always plays the luminous and flowery stars to better direct itself towards the unprecedented notes of vanilla and licorice from the depths. The racy and animal beauty of cashmeran is enhanced by these gourmet accords which open the doors to powerful oriental scents of amber woods and heliotropin.

“I worked this intense eau de parfum around the idea of ​​mysticism and power. »Reveals Dominique Ropion about Alien Essence Absolue by Thierry Mugler.

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