Tom Ford Noir Extreme Tom Ford Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Tom Ford Eau de Parfum

Noir Extrême: the return of Tom Ford’s star perfume

After a well-deserved success in perfumery, Tom Ford continued the exceptional adventure of Noir with Noir Extrême, an even more contrasting fragrance but still as brilliant with beautiful materials as with a complex blend. Noir Extrême is the fragrance of absolute masculinity.

Extreme Black, between elegance and excess

There is something exceptional and unique about Tom Ford’s masculine fragrances. Tom Ford For Men drew an absolute and unprecedented masculine sensuality with its woody fruits, Noir pushed the scented representation of man even further by sketching a fragrance made of contrasts and absolute complexities. Noir’s extreme richness made it a perfume adored both by its male audience and by critics who once fell in love with the beautiful feminine Black Orchid.

With Noir Extrême Tom Ford demonstrates once again that absolute masculinity does not only exist in sports fragrances, like many current fragrances. The oriental sensuality of Beau Noir Extrême is much more complex than a simple citrus or classic woody juice, especially as it is built on striking contrasts between heat and icy cold.

“Both sides of man’s nature are pushed to new frontiers: his sophistication becomes magnetic, calls out to the world, and his sensuality becomes devastating, driven by an irresistible power. »Tom Ford for Noir Extrême.

Noir was a perfume that Tom Ford wanted to be very personal, which is certainly why he chose to represent it for the visuals. Like its predecessor, Noir Extrême will therefore be embodied by Tom Ford himself. In a black and white visual of a beautiful sobriety Tom Ford poses, relaxed but always so elegant, alongside Noir Extrême. Because, yes, sometimes Tom Ford can also offer communication campaigns without fuss!

Noir Extrême: hot and cold sparkling with freshness and sensuality

The bottle of Noir Extrême is still as elegant as that of its predecessor. The glass formed in a very manly square block has kept its beautiful black color, but it is surmounted for this new opus by a very elegant fluted gold stopper matching its brilliantly brilliant case.

Noir Extrême opens with a bewitching blend of bergamots and fresh mandarins accompanied by warm spicy notes of saffron, nutmeg and cardamom. At the heart, the flower of neroli and white jasmine diffuse their pure and solar beauty. These delicate flowers will be accompanied by the icy freshness of an original and unprecedented note of Kulfi, the Indian ice cream made from pistachio and vanilla. The warmth of the depths will sow confusion in these frozen delicacies by blowing a sensual and oriental wind of amber and sandalwood.

“Tom Ford Noir Extrême reveals a new dimension of the Black man. A drenched amber, woody oriental fragrance with an enticing and tasty heart, Noir Extrême captures the aspect of the man who revel in excess and dare to be extraordinary. »Tom Ford for Noir Extrême.

Tom Ford has shown since the release of Black Orchid in 2006 that the sensual and cozy universe of his haute-couture collections can be transported at will in bottles of rare and original perfumes. Tom Ford perfumes do not seek to belong to trends but to astonish, better to be admired, it is precisely the magnificent fate that will be reserved for Tom Ford Noir in 2012. In 2015, he will even offer himself the luxury of available in an even more powerful and even more selective fragrance, Tom Ford Noir Extrême.

Tom Ford Extreme Black, Sonia Constant’s oriental dreams for Tom Ford

Tom Ford has always liked to surprise and change the vision of fashion by offering extremes, sometimes even sulphurous collections. In perfumery, he proved with Black Orchid that it would be the same as the accords are intended to be original, powerful and sensual. For this first masculine perfume, Noir, we expected a lot from Tom Ford and the least we can say is that no one was disappointed so much the man, as much a lover of perfume as a brilliant stylist, introduced to these gentlemen a new universe, his universe.

Indeed for Noir the perfumer Sonia Constant was deeply inspired by the personality rich in contrasts of Tom Ford. Sometimes fresh and aromatic, sometimes powerful and virile, sometimes sophisticated, Noir has been able to offer the best of its pairings to Tom Ford men. Moreover, Tom Ford believes that Noir is a perfume that resembles him, certainly even the one that tells it best…

In order to offer an even more powerful and even more magnetic juice, Sonia Constant has inspired by his travels to offer Tom Ford to Tom Ford Noir Extrême even more impactful than the first opus. Tom Ford Noir Extrême carries within him the provocation of the masculinity Tom Ford which is expressed in multiple languages ​​which are understood so well as long as we let them penetrate us…

«Tom Ford Noir Extrême captures all the moments in a man’s life that become extreme, where he is forced to exceed his limits. »Tom Ford for Tom Ford Noir Extrême.

Between an exotic note of kulfi, solar flowers and woody powers, the man of Tom Ford Noir Extrême exults

As we have said, the he exceptional perfumer of Tom Ford Noir Extreme is a traveler who likes to tell us about her most memories in powerful, carnal and bewitching perfumes. The great specificity of Tom Ford Noir Extrême will therefore lie in its original and totally imagined note for this bottle, the kulfi note, an Indian frozen dessert made with pistachio and vanilla. An original treat for a masculine man who exudes absolute virility, but the man Tom Ford has so many facets to seduce us!

For Tom Ford Noir Extrême Sonia Constant has added to the tangy freshness of the original juice, warm and enveloping spices of cardamom, saffron and nutmeg. In the heart, floral notes are always the star guests, but this time Noir’s iris is replaced by exotic and more opulent flowers such as neroli flower or orange blossom. Roses and jasmines are always distinguished by their extraordinary sophistication alongside the famous gourmet and sweet kulfi note. Finally, the woody notes of the depths become ultra sensual and burning to leave a taste of mystery to anyone who approaches this captivating man scented with Tom Ford Noir Extrême.


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