Tom Ford White Patchouli Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford White Patchouli Eau de Parfum

The fragrance White Patchouli the flowery sensuality of Tom Ford

White Patchouli is a sensual and intoxicating woody note illuminated by aerial white flowers contemplating each other in the beauty of their animal mirror. A contrasting and powerful fragrance with intense floral sensuality.

Sobriety and elegance for the White Patchouli perfume by Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s very first perfume was born in 2006 under the name Black Orchid. Since then, the world-famous designer and stylist has offered us a substantial amount of new products in a few years thanks to the Private Blend collection or the collection of signature perfumes. It is very difficult to be able to find common roots in all these fragrances, if not precisely that they do not have any! Tom Ford perfumes are often unclassifiable, sumptuous and elegant olfactory jewels created at will or according to the inspiration of Givaudan perfumers, major partners who create Tom Ford perfumes.

White Patchouli is, for many reasons, part of those magnificent scents that cannot be categorized or categorized for fear that it will get lost in it. Born from the desire to recreate in a modern and elegant form the famous raw material that made the heyday of bohemian perfumery of the 70s, White Patchouli plays with the beauty of feminine contrasts to draw us an elegant patchouli (finally!) While definitely remaining a great sensual.

With White Patchouli Tom Ford therefore offers us an original fragrance, to be sure, but also a refined and elegant fragrance. In order to remain in connivance with this beautiful elegance, the previous shocking advertising campaigns will be put away to present a White Patchouli in a refined visual and with a refined aesthetic. Photographed under the eye of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the beautiful muse of White Patchouli radiates and bewitches in a magnificent black and white subdued light.

The modernity of a bright and elegant patchouli: White Patchouli Tom Ford < / h2>

As a nod to its beautiful ancestor Black Orchid, White Patchouli is highlighted in a beautiful bottle all dressed in white. Of course, the beautiful retro glass retains its fine fluting and its ogive cap giving it that beautiful retro effect that is still as effective.

White Patchouli, composed by Pierre Négrin and Rodrigo Flores-Roux, opens a sparkling blend composed of bergamot and the beautiful exotic aromatic note of coriander. The peony already captivates us with its flowery opulence to better prepare us to receive the beautiful heart of this White Patchouli. May rose absolute and night jasmine ring in the heart like a floral symphony which will have fun tinting the animal darkness of a few ambrette seeds. Finally, the star of the perfume, patchouli, appears in depth in order to marry the overflowing sensuality of blond wood while leaving itself smoky of mystery by a few notes of incense.

“Tom Ford reinvents patchouli, one of the most characteristic and classic ingredients of traditional perfumery to which he infuses modernity and sophistication to give a different image to perfume. He likes to play with the light and dark duality associated with this ingredient, always synonymous with pure beauty, opulence and eroticism. »Tom Ford for White Patchouli.

“White Patchouli” was born in 2008 and puts patchouli in the spotlight. Based on the “orpur” patchouli, “White Patchouli” is illuminated with white flowers. Here, patchouli gives us all its facets and is alternately dazzling, woody, aromatic, fresh or even luminous. According to Tom Ford, “The bohemian spirit of patchouli gives it a mysterious power, but also makes it dark and heavy” … “White Patchouli” is an enigmatic fragrance that reveals its secrets little by little. With “White Patchouli”, Tom Ford gives us here a most unexpected scent!

To perfume duo to work with White Patchouli

In order to achieve this unusual fragrance, Tom Ford has chosen a duo of perfumers, namely Pierre Négrin and Rodrigo Flores-Roux. Born in Grasse, Pierre Négrin lives in the United States. He started his career at Givaudan New York, and currently works at Firmenich. He likes to work with natural and noble materials. In 1990, Pierre Négrin received the International Perfume Creations Prize from the Société Française des Parfumeurs. We owe Pierre Négrin beautiful fragrances such as “Encounter” by Calvin Klein or “Polo Black” by Ralph Laurens. Rodrigo Flores-Roux was born in Mexico. In 1989, he nevertheless managed to integrate the prestigious school of perfumery, ISIPCA. He began his career at IFF (International Flavors & amp; Fragrances), before joining the Givaudan company. We owe to Rodrigo Flores-Roux beautiful perfumes like & nbsp; “Reveal Men” by Calvin Klein or “Néroli Portofino” by Tom Ford.

Patchouli reigns supreme at the heart of the White Patchouli fragrance

Originally from Indonesia, patchouli became known in England, under the Victorian era. Its leaves were then used in potpourri to protect clothing. Patchouli first made its mark in France in 1850. At that time, patchouli was inserted in packages of shawls from Indonesia. The patchouli then protected them from moths. & Nbsp; This powerful scent was taken over by those known as “Parisian casseroles”. Because mistresses of rich men used it to lure men into their beds, patchouli was called the “antechamber to hell.” It was not until the 60s and 70s that patchouli experienced its heyday. Associated with the hippie movement and “flower power”, patchouli was thus associated with sexual liberation. Today, patchouli is considered a rare and noble material. Rich and powerful, patchouli can boast of having incorporated many olfactory compositions. It gives off woody, earthy, camphoric and intense tones. “White Patchouli” begins with notes of bergamot mixed with the beauty of peony and some white flowers, then enhanced by coriander. Then, the heart of “White Patchouli” is very floral thanks to the presence of the rose, but its femininity is shaken by the sensuality of the ambrette. The base is as powerful as it is enveloping thanks to the presence of patchouli, incense and woody notes.


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