Very Irrésistible Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum Givenchy

Very Irrésistible Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum Givenchy

Very Irrésistible, the Eau de Parfum for an unforgettable encounter

Its first ready-to-wear line, “Givenchy University”, was very successful and the brand soon met with international success. In 1953, Hubert de Givenchy put a young American actress, Audrey Hepburn. In 2003, Givenchy imagined a unique fragrance “Very Irrésistible”, a fragrance which expresses the bond of friendship between Hubert and Audrey. “ Very Irrésistible ” has been able to reinvent itself again and again, without ever getting lost.

Very Irrésistible Eau de Parfum, the story of an unforgettable encounter

“Very Irrésistible” tells the story of a beautiful friendship between Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn. The “Very Irrésistible” Eau de Parfum is truly the story of a unique encounter between American glamor and French elegance. This is why the unexpected mix of rose and hints of anise translates an improbable association between luxury and spontaneity… From this combination was born “Very Irrésistible”. “We do not decide to be irresistible, we are … It is without calculation, without state of mind, a certain innocence, a unique smile …”. It’s the “twist” that Givenchy claims, that little “je ne sais quoi” that capsizes our hearts… No one can resist the Givenchy woman, she knows how to deploy her secret weapons when necessary.

The ultra sensual notes of Very Irrésistible, the Eau de Parfum

“Very Irrésistible” is as sensual as the eau de toilette, its eldest. It is however different, because it assumes more woody and racy notes. The rose ‘Liv Tyler’ was specially designed for this fragrance. This rose, specific to Givenchy, is velvety and caressing, almost wild. Roses are used here in overdose. “Very Irrésistible” opens with an original accord of star anise, which offers a scent of sunny grass, and star anise. These notes are then joined by those of red fruits. The rose, already present, is accentuated in heart notes with a bouquet of different roses, including the LivTyler rose. The heart is woody and sensual with the meeting of vanilla and patchouli. As for the bottle, it looks like an amethyst jewel, a real precious stone. If he takes the codes of his elder, the “Very Irrésistible” bottle is adorned with purple. This color is played in a gradient, from top to bottom, topped by a transparent purple cap. Sleek, it exudes extraordinary elegance.

“Very Irrésistible” ‘was born from a meeting of friendship between Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy. This particular meeting was a source of inspiration for Hubert. Elegant and refined, no one can resist the Givenchy woman. The particularly rare and exceptional bouquet of roses honors the beauty of women, a beauty sublimated by “Very Irresistible”.

Released in 2003, “ Very Irresistible ”represents the fragrance of a free, feminine and slightly sassy woman. “Very Irresistible” is the first aromatic floral from the Givenchy house and it has an exceptional characteristic since it is composed of 35% roses. What could be more feminine and romantic than the Queen of Flowers? Elegant, modern and ultra feminine “Very Irresistible” brings together many varieties of pink. A joie de vivre for a truly irresistible fragrance …

The winning trio of Very Irresistible

In order to create this so feminine composition, Givenchy called on 3 great perfumers, namely Carlos Benaïm, Dominique Ropion and Sophie Labbé. Carlos Benaïm was born in Morocco and therefore nourished himself with oriental scents to say the least. This nose has unparalleled know-how and has received several awards during his career. We owe him “Pure Poison” by Christian Dior or “Flowerbomb” by Viktor & amp; Rolf. Daminique Ropion is considered one of the most talented perfumers of his time. As his mother worked at Roure in Grasse, young Dominique has been in contact with smells since childhood. Since 2001, Dominique Ropion has worked for IFF and has produced, among others, “Ysatis” by Givenchy or “Trésor in Love” by Lancôme. Sophie Labbé grew up in Charente and loves the smells of the outdoors, flowers and fields. After joining the prestigious Versailles perfume school, ISIPCA, Sophie Labbé was recruited by IFF and imagined great perfumes such as “Premier Jour” by Nina Ricci or “Organza” by Givenchy.

From the rose, from head to toe

“Very Irresistible” is an original and daring composition since it contains more than 35% rose. Needless to say, the rose is not only the Queen of flowers, but also the Queen of composition. Subtle, disarming, but so attractive, the Givenchy woman offers unexpected advantages. The composition will begin with the association of star anise. Also called star anise, star anise is a fruit that comes in the shape of a star. Star anise is a very fragrant spice. It brings a touch of both aniseed and spicy. The heart is overflowing with femininity thanks to the rose which combines judiciously with the pink peony. The background is also filled with roses and romance. Here, several varieties of roses are mixed, namely the Centifolia rose, the passion rose, the peony rose, the fantasia rose and the emotion rose. Vial,

Very Irresistible is a resolutely modern and feminine fragrance. It offers a rare composition where the rose is the star. Sparkling, romantic, the “Very Irresistible” woman will not leave anyone indifferent …


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