Y Le Parfum Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Parfum

Y Le Parfum Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Parfum

Y Le Parfum: The latest novelty from Yves Saint Laurent

To recall its ambition, the Yves Saint-Laurent house made a perfume named Y , in 2017. In 2021, this masculine Eau de Toilette reinvents itself and gives birth to Y Le Parfum.

Who is Y Le Parfum intended for?

As its name suggests, Y Le Parfum refers to the initial of the great fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent. It is therefore a nod to its avant-garde spirit, its ambition and its exceptional know-how. Because he revolutionized the image of fashion, but also because he never shied away from any challenge, Yves Saint-Laurent is considered one of the most influential personalities of the last century. At the same time, by offering this Y to his perfume, Yves Saint-Laurent also echoes Generation Y, that is to say those of the men of tomorrow, building the future. Much more than a simple fragrance, Y Le Parfum is a manifesto of courage which encourages all men to surpass themselves and to always see further, to break free from traditions while respecting our heritage.

Y Le Parfum, an aromatic and powerful juice

To embody all this, Y Le Parfum uses the main fragrant notes of its predecessors. The result is a perfume as fiery as it is powerful, the liveliness of which emerges from the first notes. Y Le Parfum starts off with a fresh, zesty surge of grapefruit and aldehydes. This slight bitterness is quickly joined by the crunchy green apple, as well as the more peppery and soapy ginger. In passing, this amplifies the aromatic aspect of this composition. Its heart, meanwhile, relies on aromatic raw materials such as sage, lavender or geranium. Its floral elegance is then followed by a woody trail. It is at this moment that the darker side of Y Le Parfum appears, in a final cloud of cedar, patchouli and tonka bean.

The return of the iconic Y bottle by Yves Saint-Laurent

On the visual side, Y Le Parfum retains the silhouette of its predecessors. More concretely, it comes in a bottle forming a thick cube of glass, refined and very contemporary. A metal notch appears on its walls, while drawing a very original Y and bearing the name of the Yves Saint-Laurent house. The only difference: its blue color has completely disappeared in favor of a new opaque and satin black. Very masculine, it preserves a certain elegance, while accentuating the intensity of this visual. Finally, on screen, Y Le Parfum offers itself a muse of choice. He is embodied by the musician Lenny Kravitz, icon of seduction and success with global notoriety.

Y Le Parfum is a creation released in 2021 and following on from the previous Y of 2017, a fresh and invigorating eau de toilette intended for an ambitious man. Presented in a new black bottle, Y Le Parfum is advertised as a more intense variation of the iconic Y. With it, men are invited to do everything possible to achieve their goals, even those that initially seem impossible to them. His message: dare to take risks, bet on the future, pursue the inaccessible and believe in the improbable. So how does this play out on the olfactory level? Here are the details of its composition.

Y Le Parfum, very refreshing and invigorating top notes

To increase men’s energy tenfold on a daily basis , Y Le Parfum relies on powerful top notes, capturing attention from its first breath. Like many men’s fragrances, Y Le Parfum contains citrus fruit for this. It contains grapefruit, renowned for its sweet bitterness. This is associated with the freshness of aldehydes. The apple, meanwhile, gives it a more fruity, crunchy and green facet. To this is also added an accord of ginger, an ingredient famous for its aphrodisiac side, but also deploying a very interesting soapy and peppery breath. This gives Y Le Parfum an additional relief, materializing on its own all the indomitable ardor of men.

The aromatic heart of Y Le Parfum

At its heart, Y The Perfume becomes more aromatic. It is also at this moment that the main ingredients of its elders reappear. The raw materials contained in the center of this fragrance are very often used in men’s perfumes. They are therefore very popular and are timeless that we never tire of rediscovering. In a very Mediterranean register, Y Le Parfum combines lavender and sage. Lavender displays a certain freshness here, while geranium absolute appears. Again, this is a flower commonly used in men’s essences. Geranium gives Y Le Parfum a floral elegance and a certain refinement.

The dark and masculine trail of Y Le Parfum by Yves Saint-Laurent

Finally, Y Le Parfum by Yves Saint-Laurent ends with a darker and more masculine touch. For this, he relies on wood. The cedar gives it a drier scent, while the patchouli gives structure to the whole and accentuates its mysterious side. Both also greatly contribute to the persistence of this scent. To soften it all up, enveloping tonka bean is added to the mix. The result is a very contrasting fragrance, as sweet as it is powerful, sometimes fresh, but also very warm.
As Yves Saint-Laurent so aptly describes it, “Y Le Parfum is a powerful and dark fern that combines freshness and intensity, while expressing a certain elegance ”. This new, more sensual and more masculine scent is also much more vibrant than before.


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