Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau de Toilette Eau de Toilette

Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau de Toilette Eau de Toilette

Opium Eau de toilette, a sulphurously addictive fragrance

Very provocative, YSL never stopped shaking up already established codes. In 1966, he was the first to offer a collection of women’s clothing with a reinvented men’s wardrobe. In 1977, YSL created a sulphurous fragrance “ Opium “. Faced with the triumph, he decided to offer a variation with “Opium, Eau de toilette”.

The unexpected success of the Opium myth Yves Saint Laurent

In 1977, women experienced a new lifestyle, freer feeling. The creator is also going in this direction, with his first perfume “Rive Gauche”, which is an incitement to freedom. In 1977, the sexual revolution was underway and some minds began to free themselves from conventions. When Yves Saint Laurent releases “Opium”, it is however scandalous. Part of public opinion, as well as some countries cry out for incitement to debauchery, and many countries have banned the marketing of the sulfurous fragrance. Nevertheless, “Opium” knows an unprecedented and unprecedented success, and women around the world are trying to get hold of it… “Opium, Eau de Toilette” is a fragrance that opens up to the imagination, mixing forbidden and sensation, by blowing a new wind, a wind of freedom.

The flowery character of Opium, Eau de Toilette

The variation of the mythical “Opium” in Eau de toilette is imbued with floral notes. “Opium, Eau de Toilette” begins with the freshness of bergamot and tangerine. The latter are associated with aldehyde notes. Aldehyde molecules are synthetic molecules that offer a slightly metallic side, close to citrus. At that time, aldehydes were used very little, and YSL created a surprise. The heart of “Opium, Eau de Toilette” is ultra feminine and floral, as it is composed of lily of the valley, carnation and jasmine. The base is warm and sensual with the presence of amber, vanilla and patchouli. As for the bottle, it uses the codes of its elder. You should know that the bottle is inspired by an Inrô, which was a small box with a medicinal vocation that the Samurai wore hanging from their belt. The color is the same as that of the Eau de Parfum, namely amber. Only the cord has been removed.

Building on the unexpected success of “Opium”, YLS offers a variation with Eau de Toilette. If the latter still represents the forbidden and freedom, “Opium, Eau de Toilette” is nevertheless more flowery and lighter. The soul of “Opium” is resolutely well respected and “Opium, Eau de Toilette” is intended for women who push back the boundaries of convenience.

Opium remains the most famous scandalous fragrance from the Yves Saint-Laurent house, so much has it been talked about for its wild strength, its daring and burning trail that could only be noticed and appreciated or… hate itself! Opium was offered in 1977 in all the splendor of its extremes as an eau de parfum but we also know its eau de toilette version released the same year and also composed by Jean-Louis Sieuzac. Could Opium Eau de Toilette be a more affordable perfume than its earthy wild sidekick?

Opium Eau de Toilette or the aerial oriental by Jean-Louis Sieuzac for Yves Saint-Laurent

Yves Saint-Laurent wanted to offer varied, original and above all unique haute couture collections, not only to shock but above all to create the event, the feeling of opening doors to the imagination that does not did not exist before him. With his choice for the perfumed composition of Opium, he once again proved that he was the master of the sensational!

Because Opium, composed by Jean-Louis Sieuzac, already at the origin of the cult Gray Flanel the year before, has nothing in common with other fragrances: it exults the Orient, sensuality, spices, opulent flowers and sweet fruity treats. Opium Eau de Parfum is a cocktail of audacity created for the “Empress of China”, Yves Saint-Laurent said. Above all, it is a perfume that wants to break with traditional codes to offer new olfactory paths.

However, the same year, Opium was offered as an eau de parfum but also as an eau de toilette. Opium Eau de Toilette, still composed by Jean-Louis Sieuzac, is much lighter than its brilliant alter ego while offering a fragrant journey just as exhilarating as the eau de parfum.

“Perfume in the name scandalously evocative, Opium is an open door to the imagination, a journey towards the unknown, towards an extraordinary, mysterious elsewhere, rich in sensations and emotions. »Yves Saint-Laurent for Opium Eau de Toilette.

A multifaceted face for an Opium YSL intoxicating Eau de Toilette

To compose Opium Eau de toilette, Jean-Louis Sieuzac will use of course the beauty of some facets of the splendid Opium Eau de Parfum. Thus we will find in Opium Eau de Toilette notes of opulent flowers, aldehydes and of course oriental depths. But the originality of Opium Eau de Toilette in relation to the eau de parfum will hold in the presence of flowers much more delicate than the original which will offer it a new lightness more affordable for those who would not dare to venture. on the grounds of Opium Eau de Parfum.

Thus Opium Eau de Toilette opens with dynamic and tangy notes of mandarin and bergamot. We will be surprised to discover in this Opium Eau de Toilette pretty and delicate notes of lily of the valley offering an aerial flight to the fragrance. The opulent heart of Opium remains but this time no candied fruity notes or powerful spices, Jean-Louis Sieuzac will prefer a slightly spicy carnation to better blend in with a few smoky and mysterious notes of myrrh. However, the depths of Opium Eau de Toilette still display the same sensuality with notes of warm woods and vanilla, but only the opoponax remains as an animal note because Opium Eau de Toilette does not want to overplay but rather take off…

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